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You Are What You Eat

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

It's easy to make something so simple complicated. We want to feed our kids the healthiest and best foods. What if they don't want to eat it? What if they develop a sweet tooth? What if they just want junk food? Welcome to my family.

Same Family, Different Kids

My kids are totally different with different palates, appetites, and eating habits. We are the same parents that raised them but they are just naturally different. My son is extremely picky and prefers to eat junk food whereas my daughter will eat everything and even likes her veggies. Within my family, we have different perspectives on food and eating so that confuses things even more. My kids are on the smaller side so I am just happy if they eat something.

Cavities aka Sugar Bugs

Diet is one of most important considerations for cavities and oral health. Since the cavity causing bacteria uses glucose as energy, a high carbohydrate diet, especially a child who eats frequently, is at higher risk for cavities. As a reminder, carbohydrates include sugary foods/drinks as well as snacks like crackers, chips, cereal, and dried fruit. I encourage families to eat everything in moderation during meal time but to pick healthier options for snacks i.e. cheese, jerky, popcorn, vegetables, nuts. If your child does like crackers, like most do, add in peanut butter, cheese, and/or meat to introduce more variety.

Additional Reading: More Chocolate, No Cavities by Dr. Roger Lucas

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