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The Owie Report

I want my kids to be kids. I want my kids to play hard and engage in risky behaviors to help them learn risk management (while supervised). The consequence is experiencing the occasions bumps, cuts, and bruises. What happens when it's trauma to the mouth or teeth?


I have seen a lot of dental trauma working at the hospital and in private practice. The great thing is, the majority cases are minor and don't require a lot attention. I do recommend you call your dentist for advice and guidance on how to deal with the trauma. Most of the time, dental trauma can be handled over the phone. Just remember, it may look gnarly and there might be endless amounts of blood, but kids are resilient and have amazing ability to recovery.

Major Trauma

There are several instances where you do need immediate attention.

  1. If they have a large laceration (cut) on their lips or face that requires suturing.

  2. If they had a large impact where they are disoriented/nauseous/vomiting/acting strangely.

  3. If their adult tooth was knocked completely out. Save the tooth in a liquid and rush to the dentist. Re-implanting the tooth is a very time sensitive procedure.

Minor Trauma

The other bumps and bruises are just that, bumps and bruises. They'll look pretty bad and your kid might have a swollen purple lip, cuts inside their mouths, and tons of blood but like I said, kids heal very well. If it's inside the mouth, the saliva have healing factors and they will recover in a few weeks. For outside the mouth, I recommend keeping the area moisturized with Vaseline or Aquafor. Sometimes kids fracture their teeth and the dentist can address it when available. In very few cases, those fractured teeth would lead to root canals but it varies case by case and usually happens months to years later.


Remember to breathe. Try your best to stay calm. Your kids can pick up when you are nervous/anxious and it makes them nervous as well. Your child will heal and be okay. Please call the office if you need any help.

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