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Learning about your Pediatric Dentist

Husband, Father, and Dentist

Those three keywords really sum me up. I am married to an amazing wife, have 2 beautiful children, 1 fur baby, and am a pediatric dentist. I started this blog with the purpose to be informative and give you my personal/professional opinion on certain matters. I hope readers can enjoy and benefit.

My family: Kimthy, August, Dana, and myself. Note: August is holding my beer for me.

OC > NYC > Miami > SF

I was born and raised in California in Orange County by immigrant Vietnamese parents. My education took me to New York City where I attended dental school, to Miami where I trained at my pediatric residency, and finally to San Francisco where my wife and I opened up our dental practice. The people that I have met and the wide variety of cultures that I was fortunate to learn from shaped my adulthood and outlook on life and I am very excited to share once this blog gets going.

Stay Tuned

Live, Love, Brush.

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