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Dr. 'Don' Do

Kid Dentist


Dr. Don is excited to have you and your family at our office. Dr. Don loves spending time with parents to answer all questions, explain treatment, and discuss what to expect as your child grows and develops. Most importantly, Dr. Don spends time with children to create exceptional dental experiences so his patients can become confident, knowlegeable, and gain self esteem. He primarily focuses to promote positive habits so that children can lead a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. 'Katie' Tran

Mommy and Daddy's Dentist


At Casa Dental, Dr. Katie is the dentist for the parents. Our office is unique because we want to eliminate all the hurdles families go through to receive dental care by providing appointments for parents and children to make scheduling much easier. Dr. Tran is well versed in all aspects in dentistry with a focus on cosmetic dentistry such as veneers, crowns, bleaching, laser dentistry.


Receptionist, Patient Care Coordinator


Chelly is the sunshine of our office. Her friendliness will make communciating with the office, understanding treatment, and planning finances a very pleasant experience. Often, you can hear Chelly singing along to the tunes we have playing.


Registered Dental Assistant, Back Office Supervisor


Yasmine is our registered dental assistant and is primarily taking radiographs and helping doctors perform cleanings. Jasmine has a very sweet persona putting all our young patients at ease. On Sundays, Jasmine is in the stands cheering on her son during football games.


Dental Assistant, Chief of Orthodontic Department


Vanessa is our dental assistant that specializes in braces. She is very speedy and knowledgeable about what it takes to create a beautiful straight smile! Vanessa is a Hello Kitty fanatic and you can find her working on arts and crafts projects in her free time. 

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