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Eeyore's Dental Adventure



Eeyore had never been to the dental office before.


He had a funny feeling in his mouth and wanted to get checked by the dentist.


So he checked on Yelp and found the Casa Dental office, which is close to his house.


He called Chelly and made an appointment.

Waiting Room


Eeyore came a few minutes early to the appointment and was greeted by Chelly.


He sat next to the green sea turtle, Miss Shell, and said "Hello!"


Chelly asked him a few questions and got his name and address for the charts.

Taking Teeth Pictures



The dental nurse said that pictures were going to be taken of of his teeth.


So Eeyore sat in the spinning chair and stayed still.


He bit on the picture cookie and the camera went BEEP.


The pictures of Eeyore's teeth showed up on the computer screen.


Sitting in Dental Chair



Eeyore than sat in the dental chair and waited for the dentist, Dr. Don, to count his teeth and look for sugar bugs.


Eeyore has been brushing and flossing and hasn't been eating sweets like Winnie the Pooh so he had very clean teeth.


Eeyore was just growing up and had a loose tooth which Dr. Don said was going to fall out on it's own.


Eeyore was very happy and went home to tell his friends.

The End

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